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Perfomance Coaching Program created by

Dr. Kaanda GontijoPhD in Human Movement Sciences, Performance Coach and Posture & Movement Educator

To help you to B.E.CO.M.E. your best, I will teach you how to improve

the awareness and knowledge of yourself

1st STEP: Postural Evaluation

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I will investigate compensations that you have or that you are making up to now, which can be causing you some pain

To know more about the G.D.S. Concept click here

Source: Centre de Formation Philippe Campignion

2nd STEP: Postural Diagnostic

I will explain to you what your body language told me during the Postural Evaluation, showing you the causes and effects of your body compensations

Your body language is a map showing me areas of your body that are collecting or causing too much tension

3rd STEP: Physical Strategy

The B.E.CO.M.E. Program: In 12 sessions, once a week (1 hour), I will teach you how to perform personal maintenance to correct the imbalance that is causing you stress and pain

How does this Program work?

4 sessions to Rebalance

Muscle Tension

4 sessions to Reprogram

Muscular Actions

4 sessions to Retrain 

Motor Coordination 



The G.D.S. Muscle and Articulation Chains Concept


The Belgian/French Concept of body analysis and locomotor system dysfunctions treatment, created by Godelieve Denys-Struyf (PT, Osteopath) in the 1970s, proposes a global approach, based on the connections among psycho-behavior, postural attitude, and biomechanical imbalances.

This video is a lecture in Portuguese, but if you want to know more about the G.D.S. Concept in English you can

download a brochure here

The Motor Coordination Concept


The Motor Coordination Concept was created by two French Psycomotricists, Suzanne Piret and Marie Madeleine Béziers, in the 1970s. Based on the psycomotor development of a human being, its concept show us a tridimensional way to understand and work with the dynamic joint balance to achieve an optimal quality of life, posture, and movement.

Watch the lecture in English to see some examples about

how to apply the Motor Coordination concepts

(Subtitles in Portuguese)

The Pilates Method


The Pilates exercise system was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named. It is a composite of movement styles and philosophy of gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, and dance (Latey, 2001). It aims to develop and maintain a perfect balance of mind and body, based on six fundamental principles: concentration, control of all aspects of movements, being aware of the center of the body, flowing movements, precision, and breathing (Latey, 2001; Wells et al, 2012).

Watch the lecture in English to see some examples on how I combine these 3 techniques to help you to B.E.CO.M.E. your BEST

(Subtitles in Portuguese)


 I want to B.E.CO.M.E. my BEST